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Profiel Ivana Indjin

Ivana Indjin

Functie theater director and performing arts educator
Woonplaats Rotterdam
Lid sinds 07 februari 2017
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011942953715

Over Ivana Indjin

From the summer 2016 I live in Rotterdam. My approach into theater is interdisciplinary. I directed many theater pieces and short performances with professionals and amateurs with different possibilities in different countries. I was inspired by many theater schools, methods and aesthetics (Brook, Beckett, Brecht, Grotowsky, Kantor, Feldenkrais, Viharova, Blum, Barba, Spolin, Butoh, Eurythmy, ...) as well as the methods of work on self-development (Gurdjieff Sacred Dance, Psycho drama, Art therapy, Dru yoga...). I am very interested in contemporary experimental and chamber music that are always very important part of my theater work. My view is that the theater is a visual art, too. I pay special attention to the visual elements of the piece, working with objects/props, fine details and energy of space. I am interested in engaged theater.

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